Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Find - Amaya's Indian Spicy Ketchup

I never go to the grocery store with a list, I find it too constraining and takes all the fun out of grocery shopping. Have I mentioned that I love grocery shopping? There's something about slowly rolling through the aisles of the store, singing along with easy listening music while perusing the well-stocked shelves. It always gets my creative juices flowing as I create new dishes and interesting menus in my mind.

I usually just glance at the prepared sauces & marinades, much preferring to make these kind of things from scratch - I like to control the salt, sugar and fat that these things are full of. But today something new caught my eye - "Indian Spicy Ketchup" made right here by one of my favourite Indian restaurant groups, Amaya. I couldn't resist and bought a jar ($4.99).

The verdict: It's absolutely FANTASTIC!

This is a MUST try. Not too spicy, it's like an amped-up version of regular ketchup with a hit of Indian spice - ginger, garlic, onion seeds, etc. The minute I tasted it, I could imagine putting it on and in everything. Crispy French Fries, juicy burgers, roasted chicken, oozy grilled cheese sandwiches, etc., would be elevated to absolute culinary nirvana.

So don't walk, run and get yourself a jar of Amaya's "Indian Spicy Ketchup". I guarantee you'll thank me.

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